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I took it for granted.

My Nigerian ancestry goes back seven, ten, twenty generations. As far back as stories can be traced. There are records of marriages and births, lands and professions that root my family to Nigeria. I am as authentically 100% Nigerian as they come. 

If my story resonates with you, great. AyoMi will help you showcase your authentic self.

My life crossed paths with many who desire that deep connection with Africa. Those who took an ancestry test to learn of there 32% West African genes. Their DNA may have clearly stated 56% Nigerian amongst other ethnic identities. Their connection to Africa was new and slowly forming.

If your story is like theirs, great. You inspired me. AyoMi will help showcase your newly discovered yet authentic self.

Our identity has many elements. The parts we didn't choose, our parents, genes, where we were born etc. Then we grow up and get to choose what parts of our identity we want to embrace. A beautiful part of our identity is culture, including the clothing and accessories we wear. There is a sense of belonging reflected in fabrics and colors and styles. Subtle, yet clear connections to one's heritage. Your fashion should fit your personality. Be subtle. Be bold.

Always be authentically you.

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